Laser Teeth Whitening: A Dental Procedure to Make Your Teeth Shine Bright

This dental procedure is a part of cosmetic dentistry and has quick and desired results. You just need one dental appointment and voila your teeth will be as good as new. Laser teeth whitening is the new found secret to get whiter and shinier teeth. Just like a dental implant helps get you new teeth similarly laser teeth whitening gives you 5-10 shades whiter teeth. This dental procedure has become a routine practice for dentist since 1996.

The use of laser in the teeth whitening procedure was included because many patients complained that the conventional method was yielding unsatisfactory result. They also complained that the method resulted in inflammation. Laser was used to target very specific areas so that such complications can be avoided.

The procedure of teeth whitening is slightly lengthy and involves long hours at the dental clinic. The reason why the procedure is lengthy because most of the time is spent to make sure that the surrounding teeth and tissues can be protected. Your dentist will apply beeswax on them to avoid any contact with laser.

Your dentist will decide the type of laser that he will be using to carry out the procedure. At this stage you need to discuss all your options with the cosmetic dentist so that he/she can tell you everything in detail. The most widely used laser for laser teeth whitening is argon laser. The use of laser in the whitening process is activating the chemicals which will be placed on your teeth. The light that is emitted increases the reaction rate of the chemical and that’s how color change happens.

After this step is completed your dentist will use fluoride on your teeth. This has two effects on your teeth: a) it strengthens your teeth and b) gives a white shiny luster. Laser teeth whitening is the most sought after treatment when it comes to teeth whitening. The reason is simple it is quick and accurate.

The effectiveness of this procedure depends on how well you maintain or take care of your teeth post the treatment. It is the responsibility of the dentist to make sure that the procedure is completed with amazing results. However once you leave the dental clinic it will be your responsibility to make sure that your teeth remains as white as they look post treatment. Make sure that you avoid soda, smoking, coffee, blueberries and tea. For the first week after you have gone through the laser teeth whitening avoid all these for optimum and long-lasting results.

Sleep Dentistry – Sleep Dentistry Will Make Your Dental Visit a Calming Experience!

Sleep dentistry is a use of medically supervised and administered intravenous (IV) sedation. Normally referred to as conscious sedation, it is most advanced type of dental sedation obtainable and utilizes a blend of sedative as well as ache relieving drugs to generate a sleepy and dream-like condition of deep, soothing relaxation for entire period of dental procedure.

Sleep Dentistry would:

• Ease patient’s terror, worry and distress.

• Eliminate consciousness, sights, sounds and smells.

• Enable busy individuals to have many procedures in one particular session.

• Relieve the tedium of long and composite sessions.

• Sleep Dentistry will make your dental visit a calming and relaxing experience.

Sedation dentistry (also recognized as sleep dentistry, conscious or twilight sedation) is most advanced type of dental sedation. It utilizes a blend of sedative and ache alleviating drugs given intravenously to produce an unreal state of sleep in order that you stay cool and comfortable for period of your dental process.

When you get up, you would generally have no reminiscence of the smells, noises, drilling or needles, and you would feel as no time has passed. You will feel like you have had a very satisfying and deep sleep. You would feel no pain, no worry and no terror. You would go home with heightened sense of happiness and contentment for having attended to dental health.

Sedation Dentistry allows patients to experience complex dental treatments (which normally require 6 to 8 appointments) in only one consultation. Feeling no ache at all, you would be calm and at ease all through the entire process. In your sedation dentistry cure you are not comatose at any time, just in an intensely relaxed state. Your fundamental signs are monitored during your entire visit as well as you are never ever left alone.

Depending on the individual requirements, sedation dentistry might last amid two to six hours. Sedation dentistry might be utilised to care for the gum disease, repair missing or chipped teeth, put an implant as well as for any dental cure, you will like to feel more comfortable. Sedation dentistry allows you to get the dental care you need easily, rapidly and contentedly. You may wish to use sleep dentistry in case you:

1. Have a fright of dental treatment and:

• Hate pointless

• Hate smells, noises or tastes linked with dental care

• Practice a heightening stage of anxiousness while thinking regarding dental care

2. Require general dental work.

3. Have had unhelpful dental experiences in past.

4. Have very susceptible teeth

5. Have a tough gag reflex

6. Have difficulty getting a frozen sensation

7. Have restricted time to undergo dental reinstatement.

The sedation is secure, controlled, as well as you drop out and in of sleep as the dentist gets on plus fixes your troubles. The sedative is cautiously modified to your weight as well as level of nervousness in order that you would be completely relaxing. A lot of patients report an:

– Enjoyable experience

– Don’t memorize anything

– They feel proud that their teeth are arranged

– Patients then come on a regular basis.