Beautiful Scenes

What comes across your mind when you think about the United States of America? The beautiful scenes definitely! From the Statue of Liberty, to the famous Wall Street, the Golden Gate Bridge, Grand Canyon, and of course Disney World, the world’s third biggest country truly boasts itself of so many amazing scenes and natural attractions. In the US, you can find unique and fabulous cities that will never cease to amaze you. To make your trip worthwhile, here are some cities you should dare not miss when you are in the United States.

New York. One of the most fascinating cities in the USA and a must-see tourist destination is New York. With its stunning architecture, incredible skyline, and multicultural personality, this city is truly a melting pot of cultures and personalities. And in Manhattan, you find the best hotels, the best restaurants, museums, and theaters, to pamper yourself to your heart’s content.

Boston. This city is famous for its vibrant neighborhoods. You find the historic North End, the very colorful Chinatown, and the chic Back Bay, all infamous for its distinct appeal and own personality. Strolling around Boston is just like going over the American history textbook. You can also see Bunker Hill, Old North Church, or the Boston Common, each representing a specific chapter in the American History.

Washington DC. After sightseeing the White house, you can try strolling around the White House Garden and enjoy the lush greens and scenery of the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden and the splendid Rose Garden. The good thing about sightseeing in Washington DC is that it does not cost that much. The museums and memorials are generally free.

Miami. Renowned for its ten-mile long white sandy beaches, Miami is the perfect place for chic restaurants, hot party scenes, and trendy hotels. Spending time around the neighborhood may make you feel as if you are not in the US at all because of its Latin American cultural inheritance. Furthermore, if you wish to visit Cuba but you just don’t have the luxury of time, a little drive to Little Havana in Miami is enough to catch a glimpse of the world-renowned Cuban cigars and coffee.

There are practically more than a dozen beautiful scenes in the United States of America for your travel pleasure. Make sure you get to experience how fun and exciting it is to get the chance of enjoying beautiful America.

What You Need to Know to Be Able to Approach Beautiful Women, Successfully

Why does approaching beautiful women seem like an impossible task to many men?

To your surprise approaching beautiful women happens to be very easy, mainly because Girls like being approached and are very open about it.

But before you go ahead and blurt out the pick up line you just picked up from the web, it’s very important that you understand that, pick up lines don’t work and the will never work.  They have heard them all.

To grab attention and make her interested, you need to be different in your approach.

One of the most fail proof methods used to approach beautiful women is the word:  Hi, followed up with a friendly suggestion or may be a compliment,  then ask an open ended question. Just in case you feel like complementing her, don’t tell her she is beautiful, am sure she has heard it before, complement her on something she least expects, something light and funny. Shoes, eyebrows, ears. It’s your work to be a tad bit creative.

You should also be aware that women in general love to give their opinions, so stop thinking of all the things that might just go wrong.

It’s high time that we stop consoling ourselves that it’s easy to pick up Girls. Some guys do approach but they don’t make a connection which leads to attraction, what’s the point. One mistake guys do is they keep asking  their pre-rehearsed open ended questions, which ends up making the conversation stiff. One open ended question is enough, then use the answers she gives you to get cues to go deeper, it shows you are interested and are a good listener. This is how easy it is to approach beautiful women and build a connection.